cat is not an empty bottle

for chris marker



i forgot to post this on here, but the first DUDES live gig happened last month.

if you missed it, don't worry. there's an album and a dvd of the show.

you can download the album version here:

and you can see the video on vimeo here:

more info at the DUDES website:


Existentially Unemployed

my new chapbook is here.
i made it during hurricane isaac.


Chris Dankland reviews "Diabetes Is A Alt Culture"

Chris Dankland mini-reviewed my new chapbook.
he is a great alt lit writer that you should all read.
read his amazing work @ http://dankland.blogspot.com/

Austin Islam reviews "BASTARDS"

friend and fellow alt lit writer Austin Islam reviewed "BASTARDS"
he was an early supporter of "BASTARDS" <3
you should read his amazing chapbook Lift & Other Noise

Diabetes Is A Alt Culture

my new chapbook is out now.
it's available on scribd for free as a pdf, so check it out.
i'll probably do a short print run too, so watch out for that.



i finally got a good version of my feature "ROBERT LOGGIA" online.
watch it for free.
it is an existential movie.
and it's experimental. and stuff.


have you seen my whale?

have u seen my whale? published a short story that i wrote.
it is real short. so don't worry about having to read much.
because i know that you don't read.

here is the link:


DUDES - David Lynch's Ex-Wives

(DKR-014) DUDES - David Lynch's Ex-Wives
diabetic koala, 2012


DUDES - 50 Cents Didn't Kill The Dude That Shot Him I Promise

the eleventh DUDES record is here.
the first of seven new DUDES albums that will coming in the following weeks.

DUDES - 50 Cents Didn't Kill The Dude That Shot Him I Promise
(DKR-013) diabetic koala, 2012


Seven Collages and Nothing Else

i am working on my first photography book.
as a distraction from that, i made this totally self-indulgent book of collages.
it is free on scribd. so check it out.


Beach Sloth reviews "BASTARDS"

Beach Sloth reviewed my chapbook, "BASTARDS". He is a
really cool sloth and he writes some great things. I am glad
to have had a sloth review my work, especially a chill sloth.

Keep This Bag Away From Children (feature)

Keep This Bag Away From Children published one of my short films.
you can find it at the link below. they publish a lot of great work, so
check it out while you're there.



i posted my newest echapbook at scribd. it is free to look at and it is a fast read.



review of "BASTARDS"

the review for my chapbook are pouring in.

"As an amateur physicist and lifetime lover of fine film and the bastards of said fine film, reading Mr. Arnold's installment "Bastards" (one of 700 written, but only about 10 published) has helped me understand the principles of negative refraction more than any other work, save the Saragossa Manuscript, and it's implications for cinema and bastards. And, after reading it, it becomes an indispensable resource for translating the aforementioned Saragossa Manuscript, for those not familiar with it's original language. In addition to this wealth of knowledge, there is also a really kickin' recipe for a citrus pumpkin sorbet. And if that's not enough..."

- Dorian Kutos (director of Tips & Mileage, The Knife and the Wound)


"SCUM" chapbook

my fourth chapbook from 2011, "SCUM"


my third self-published chapbook from 2011:

"DEAD CELEBS" chapbook

my second second chapbook from 2011, "DEAD CELEBS"

"BASTARDS" chapbook

great news friends! i finally figured out how to make my chapbooks in ebooks.
i uploaded all four that i self-published last year to scribd.
i am also planning another VERY limited run of each chapbook (probably 5 copies or so).

The first is BASTARDS.




DUDES is a musical project i am working on.
DUDES is a great band.
We are looking for shows.
We have already released an album (52412).
We have a video available as well.
We have a 45 minute video recorded that will be released TBA.

More videos and albums will arrive shortly, so watch out.
DOWNLOAD or stream our album at SoundCloud!!
Watch our video at YouTube or Vimeo.



hello friends!
i have uploaded several new artworks to flickr.
there are altered products as well as some paintings that i have been working on.


this EP is subjective

i uploaded an EP i recorded in 2007 to soundcloud. feel free to listen to it. it is called "this EP is subjective" and i recorded it under the Deadend monicker.


mistah bob harris-he dead

finished a new film. 16mm handpainted.


it just works

a new short film.
it is about man's futile attempt to understand
his complex surroundings. and the fact that my
imac freezes three times in ten minutes while
i watch over the edge (1979).
you know, because it just work$$$.
and it is also like totally a statement
on teen rebellion
or soemthing



i've uploaded my seminal 2007 noise record
Bearface in it's entirety to soundcloud.

by the way, i have a soundcloud account now.

skits of perineum

new film. 16mm direct animation. hand-painted/hand-scratched. i used sharpies and acrylic calligraphy ink.


zen garden of souls

hello everyone. i have finished a new short film. 
it is called "zen garden of souls." it is an ode to marie menken.
it will make your life better. it will make you happy.


light/color/sound; autumn hymn iii

here is part three of the "autumn hymn" series. the six-part 
series is now complete and can be viewed on my vimeo page. 
i have made a dvd of the series as well. screening/release 
details coming soon.

"robert loggia"

i have finished editing my first feature length film. 
it is titled "robert loggia" and it will change your life.
future screenings tba soon.



the pope gets radical

posted some new collages on flickr.
new series of "ad art" coming soon.


autumn hymn

a new short film. a study in light, abstraction, and varg vikernes.


talkin' subtle suicide blues with whitney houston

here is my new short film. it is called "talkin' subtle suicide blues with whitney houston; autumn hymn v". it is the fifth in a series of six films that i call "autumn hymn".


red dad/blue dad

i made a new short film titled red dad/blue dad. It is an exploration of my obsession with Family Ties.


the greatest place on earth

i have a new series of photos on flickr. they serve as a visual record for non-believers that heaven does, indeed, exist. link is below.

the greatest place on earth.

also, i'm working on my site, or trying to, or telling myself that i'm trying to. hopefully it will be a real site soon where one could navigate between images/video/writing/news/etc. so the site may look weird while i'm tinkering with it, mainly because i have no idea what i'm doing and don't want to pay anyone or ask anyone for help. i also realize that no one is reading this, so it is irrelevant.



i finished a new short film titled "schettino/sorojchi".


cell phone pics

new cell phone pictures up at my flickr page.