review of "BASTARDS"

the review for my chapbook are pouring in.

"As an amateur physicist and lifetime lover of fine film and the bastards of said fine film, reading Mr. Arnold's installment "Bastards" (one of 700 written, but only about 10 published) has helped me understand the principles of negative refraction more than any other work, save the Saragossa Manuscript, and it's implications for cinema and bastards. And, after reading it, it becomes an indispensable resource for translating the aforementioned Saragossa Manuscript, for those not familiar with it's original language. In addition to this wealth of knowledge, there is also a really kickin' recipe for a citrus pumpkin sorbet. And if that's not enough..."

- Dorian Kutos (director of Tips & Mileage, The Knife and the Wound)