Existentially Unemployed

my new chapbook is here.
i made it during hurricane isaac.


Chris Dankland reviews "Diabetes Is A Alt Culture"

Chris Dankland mini-reviewed my new chapbook.
he is a great alt lit writer that you should all read.
read his amazing work @ http://dankland.blogspot.com/

Austin Islam reviews "BASTARDS"

friend and fellow alt lit writer Austin Islam reviewed "BASTARDS"
he was an early supporter of "BASTARDS" <3
you should read his amazing chapbook Lift & Other Noise

Diabetes Is A Alt Culture

my new chapbook is out now.
it's available on scribd for free as a pdf, so check it out.
i'll probably do a short print run too, so watch out for that.



i finally got a good version of my feature "ROBERT LOGGIA" online.
watch it for free.
it is an existential movie.
and it's experimental. and stuff.


have you seen my whale?

have u seen my whale? published a short story that i wrote.
it is real short. so don't worry about having to read much.
because i know that you don't read.

here is the link:


DUDES - David Lynch's Ex-Wives

(DKR-014) DUDES - David Lynch's Ex-Wives
diabetic koala, 2012


DUDES - 50 Cents Didn't Kill The Dude That Shot Him I Promise

the eleventh DUDES record is here.
the first of seven new DUDES albums that will coming in the following weeks.

DUDES - 50 Cents Didn't Kill The Dude That Shot Him I Promise
(DKR-013) diabetic koala, 2012


Seven Collages and Nothing Else

i am working on my first photography book.
as a distraction from that, i made this totally self-indulgent book of collages.
it is free on scribd. so check it out.