update. still alive. working working workin

hi friends.

busy busy.

waiting to finish the last few scenes for my feature film GIBBLER then I'll start editing. I'm going to try to get through that process as quickly as possible, but I don't want to start editing until I've filmed everything I need. Here's the teaser I cut:

been spending most of my time working on the new SISTERS project:

there are several demo albums available to download for free on bandcamp. i've recorded well over 100 songs in the last few months for this project and have been playing a few shows under this monicker.

I recorded a new DUDES album that I'm uploading right now. it's taking forever. DUDES also made their live debut recently. woop woop.

I'm working on a currently untitled ebook for a friend's publishing firm.
working on several projects that will be revealed soon.

I ain't dead yet.


Being Steve Guttenberg

the new chapbook is here. check it out.

(DKP-007) Tony Arnold - Being Steve Guttenberg
diabetic koala, 2013



The Devil Who Fell To Earth

this started as a camera test, but it's probably my favorite thing
i've ever shot. i liked it so much i ended up recording a new
DUDES album so i'd have music for it.


Nova Ophiuchi No. 6

coming soon from diabetic koala films
like the facebook page for news and updates.


Cap'n Crunk

i have a new chapbook / art zine out titled Cap'n Crunk.
i've already offended someone so much with it that they
wished death upon me. so read it or download the pdf at
either scribd or mediafire.

this is also the second release from the new diabetic koala
publishing imprint. diabetic koala is becoming a media
conglomorate that will rival ted turner.

(DKP-002) Tony Arnold - Cap'n Crunk
diabetic koala, 2013

GHOSTS eBook / readings by Nathan Stapleton

here are two videos of Nathan Stapleton reading selected poems 
from my eBook 'GHOSTS'. it is a novella in the style of
Richard Braughtigan and J.G. Ballard.

here's a link to the eBook itself:


Variations on a Theme

I made a new film. It is called 'Variations on a Theme'. 
The music is the new DUDES album of the same name
This film serves as a sort of video album for the record, 
but also works as a stand-alone film project.

here is the album itself. download it for free via the mediafire link below.

(DKR-052) Variations on a Theme
diabetic koala, 2013


Scrooge McDick

first collage of 2k13

Fuck Wine

i bought a cheap bottle or red wine to bring with me to drink before we left. i wasn't a wine drinker, so i hadn't contemplated needing a corkscrew to open the bottle. i tore the paper away and stared at the cork, shoved deep in the neck. i took my keys out of my pockets and attempted to scrape it down and claw through the cork but it was futile. i grew impatient and went outside and broke the neck off the bottle on the front porch. i held the bottle up just above my lips and let the wine drain into my mouth. i felt the tiny shards of glass stick in my throat before they touched my lips. i coughed and spit up red liquid. it was impossible to tell the difference between the warm wine and the blood. i realized what a terrible idea this had been. i should have gotten vodka. 

i don't even fucking like wine.